Drizzle Cafe, Battlefield, Glasgow

As the double doors swing behind me: ‘Pot of English Breakfast tea?’. I nod and grin, then mumble incoherently about not looking at the lovely cakes…on a diet….. look so good but… etcetera. A smile to acknowledge my mumble.

As a creature of habit, this is one of the most comforting moments of my week. I never knew it till it happened, but how I had longed for a cafe owner to recognise me on arrival and to know my order before I do.

And this isn’t even the best part of Drizzle. A small cafe on Sinclair Drive in Glasgow, it envelopes you with its friendliness.  As you walk in, you have to acknowledge the selection of home baking and the artisan bread at eye level. You see the daily specials notice, sitting above the selection of Scottish cheese and chutney.  The menu promises home made soup and farmhouse style sandwiches.

The most inviting thing for this wee wummin though is the small table, kids books and chalk board in the corner. It’s such a simple thing, but I can’t think of another cafe that sends out such a clear message that kids are welcome, not just tolerated. Drizzle’s conviviality is extended equall1509059_568635369896326_1234238346_ny to all customers, knee high or no.

What about that tea then? It’s Suki tea, so loose leaf and always served piping hot.  Requests for extra hot water or milk are happily accommodated. When my resolve crumbles (often), the cakes and tray bakes are consistently delicious. My three year old orders either the lemon drizzle cake or the iced gingerbread.  My five year old will often go for one of the huge cookies, but the empire biscuit seems to hold equal appeal.  I’m reliably informed that the banana, date and walnut loaf has no fat, no refined sugar and is gluten free so naturally, I rationalise, also no calories.10940628_767302050029656_2359231944348779889_n

Customers are constantly in and out of this little place; locals know its value.  Make time for Drizzle– it’s a cracking place.

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  1. sounds yum! wish i lived closer!

  2. Gill Cooke

    Ultimate South Side breakfast- americano and basket of toasted brioche..mmm Perfect!

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