‘Show us yer dragon!’: an unfulfilled quest into fantasy/ sci fi

When postmodern heroines like Laurie Penny and Sarah Waters refer to fantasy and science fiction as genres that profoundly influenced them, I feel abashed. I have never really given either a proper go.  I confess – I haven’t read The Hobbit, any Harry Potters or even the dust cover of a Terry Pratchett novel. I had a brief flutter with Robin Hobb’s Assassin’s Quest, but it was postpartum and no one can be held responsible for their actions within 3 months of delivering a child.

So as part of my own voyage to becoming-a-better-person,  I bought a penguin edition of Obernewtyn, a fantasty/ science-fiction postapocalyptic novel by Isobelle Carmody.  You’re in safe hands with a penguin, surely.