Teenage love; so ardent, so passionate. So what happens?

As the bookshop owner located a copy of I’ll Give You the Sun she obviously felt bound to advise me that it was ‘young adult fiction’. I took a short breath, paused, then bought a different book.  What judgement! What prejudice! Fortunately I’m not constant in my literary chauvinism so within 24 hours I had bought the book and within days had finished it.

I’ll Give You the Sun is a wonderful book.  As I got closer to the end of the novel, I realised that it actually, literally made me happy.  I discovered a smile on my face as I sped through the last chapters;  I was totally immersed in the lives and loves of Noah and Jude, the twin siblings at the heart of the story. The last time I had such a warm attachment to a book and its characters was quite possibly, that’s right, when I was a teenager. Yet, there is nothing juvenile about the story line or strength of emotions told by Jandy Nelson.