Mushrooms and Mourning

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything about anything for this site. I’ve a lot of ground to cover. With such a backlog of bookish thoughts to share, I could at this point wax lyrical about Meg Mason’s Sorrow and Bliss, but Kate @ Booksaremyavouriteandbest has already done it and far better than I can. I could offer a luke-warm appraisal of The Dictionary of Lost Words, but I’ve decided I’m no longer up for reviewing books that I didn’t love. I could sing with excitement about Richard Flanagan’s new book The Living Sea of Waking Dreams, but he has the whole Penguin Random House orchestra behind him and doesn’t need me to add to the chorus.

So instead, I’m offering up a delightful book called The Way Through The Woods by Long Lit Woon (translated from Norwegian by Barbara J. Haveland).

I heard about this book during our first lockdown, thanks to the sterling work of our local librarians who, committed to their largely unrecognised role as community superglue, kept our spirits up with videos and reviews and photos of baby chicks. The Way Through The Woods featured in one of their reviews.