Blethering with the local bookshop

The Book Barn, Daylesford, Victoria, Australia:  a local gem

Andrew Green runs a delightful second-hand bookshop and cafe on the shores of Lake Daylesford, in a small country town about 90 minutes from Melbourne. It’s the perfect spot to indulge in some scones and tea (or some local wine) on the deck whilst contemplating life and your next book purchase.

I chatted with Andrew about his business and what it’s like to own a local bookshop.

Ladies’ Legs and Lemonade

This autobiography of Kim Bonython (who?), Ladies’ Legs and Lemonade, was unearthed in a second-hand bookshop in country Victoria, Australia.

This wonderful specimen was published in 1979 when, apparently, no-one in the publishing world thought it tasteless to have a bookcover of a white man in a suit ostentatiously displaying his wealth, whilst standing jovially next to a female manikin semi-clad in risque attire.