Ladies’ Legs and Lemonade

This autobiography of Kim Bonython (who?), Ladies’ Legs and Lemonade, was unearthed in a second-hand bookshop in country Victoria, Australia.

This wonderful specimen was published in 1979 when, apparently, no-one in the publishing world thought it tasteless to have a bookcover of a white man in a suit ostentatiously displaying his wealth, whilst standing jovially next to a female manikin semi-clad in risque attire.


Last week the Guardian published a piece on the Stella Prize: Stella prize 2016 announces longlist of 12 books by Australian women‘. For my across-the-waters-friends who may not have heard of it, the Stella Prize celebrates Australian women writers’ contribution to literature and aims to bring more readers to books by women.

What was interesting, other than the tantalising list of books itself, was the article’s comments section.  Nothing is more likely to rile commentators than when women point out sexism and then, in particular, have the temerity to try to address it. So I read the comments with my fingers, figuratively, covering my eyes.