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11016507_10153187587228885_863028452_nMy name is Weezelle and I’m a penguin living in Melbourne.

If you’ve come looking for tips great books to read and lovely tea to drink, then you’ve most definitely come to the right website.

I’m a book loving penguin. I love the texture, the weight, the smell, and especially the scratchy noise of turning a page when you’re reading in bed and it brushes across the doona. I love books in libraries and books in shops; opening a freshly minted novel or looking at the dog ears from past readers.

I can’t resist reading the last page before I’ve got there.  Is that bad?

My favourite living author is Sarah Waters. I’m also pretty enamoured with Margaret Atwood. My favourite Bronte is Anne. I read books by blokes too, from time to time. I don’t really do sci-fi, fantasy or romance very much, although I’m not sure why.

I’m a tea loving penguin. Tea is the perfect accompaniment to a book.  But the tea has to be right – none of this lukewarm water and bag of sawdust plopped in.  There should be as much ceremony to making and drinking a cup of tea as the occasion can muster.  Given so much of the world’s tea is produced by one multinational company, I love to promote boutique teas – they usually taste a whole lot better anyway.

I’m a penguin loving penguin. Penguins are delightfully prone to anthropomorphic imagery.  I love the thought of a penguin reading a book, especially if she had to wear glasses like I do.

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  1. “Tea has to be right” — I absolutely agree. I’ve never been a fan of regular tea (I prefer coffee) but I enjoy a good cup of looseleaf tea. It’s so much nicer. 🙂

  2. George Falconer

    I will order this book, it sounds as if it has depth to it as well as lighter moments. I have just finished Sarah Waters…. “The Little Stranger” which I found compelling, therefore this will fill that awful gap which occurs when you finish a book.

  3. hello, dear!!
    nice to meet you!
    good to find another book lover and yeah, it also haunts me if I do not finish a book up to the last page.

    it’s good to be in your contact 🙂

    love and light <3
    Vikram 🙂

  4. Very nice to meet a penguin who reads! I enjoy reading too, but as an ex-pat it’s a hassle to order books online and have them shipped. And then I got a Kindle for X-mas, and my life took a turn for the better, as now I’m reading lots and lots again.

    • I’m so pleased to hear it. If you ever wanted to review a Norwegian book, I’d be more than happy to offer up some space for it. Sometimes I worry that my book choices are too narrow, so would be more than happy to have them expanded.

  5. Hi there Weezelle,

    your blog sounds like THE place to be,
    in case none of us know what to read,
    or how to drink their tea.

    There are plenty of posts,
    on here to see,
    oh, what pleasure,
    it was to meet.

    I hope you’re well & best wishes,

    Prospermind. 🙂

  6. Is that my own home city of Glasgow, Scotland, before you moved to Melbourne? 🙂

    • Indeed yes. I’m Australian but I married a Glasgow thoroughbred and now we have two half-breds to our name. As a consequence, I love love Denise Mina and her evocations of Glasgow.

  7. You have a gorgeous blog! And am so very happy that our pathes have crossed. I will be visiting often! I now have you bookmarked.

  8. Andrea Schmidt

    Hi, I’m trying to send you a message but I keep getting an error message..

    • Hi Andrea – I know, my link is broken. I’m so sorry. I’m working hard to get it fixed. How can I be of help?

  9. Love the sense of humour in your bio! Thanks for following me today; Im looking forward to hearing more about your tea-drinking, book reading exploits

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