Taking tea in autumn, 1906-style

You know those moments where you’re starving and need some lunch, but you want to take advantage of the lovely sun, and you have two small boys with boundless energy who need to be occupied. And then, you find a cafe that miraculously caters for all these needs.  So it was with Est 1906, in Seddon, Melbourne.

We had an almost spiritual moment on entering Est. 1906 when we realised that the courtyard outside had a small plastic cubby house in the corner. It’s not like these facilities can compete with Inflatable World, but it signals loudly and clearly, ‘children are welcome here…  even your children’.

Eat Deli, Clarkston, near Glasgow

By all definitions, Eat Deli in Clarkston is a great cafe.  It’s decor is tasteful while the handwritten menus and the close seating give it an intimate feel. It sells artisan bread, brunch (a rare find), deli salads and an impressive range of cakes and traybakes. The Suki tea is served in a pot and although it’s not loose leaf (coming in one of those delicate tea bags) it is still a fine cup of tea.

It has received plaudits from Joanne Blythman (food critic and author) and awards from the Observer and the List.

Drizzle Cafe, Battlefield, Glasgow

As the double doors swing behind me: ‘Pot of English Breakfast tea?’. I nod and grin, then mumble incoherently about not looking at the lovely cakes…on a diet….. look so good but… etcetera. A smile to acknowledge my mumble.

As a creature of habit, this is one of the most comforting moments of my week. I never knew it till it happened, but how I had longed for a cafe owner to recognise me on arrival and to know my order before I do.

And this isn’t even the best part of Drizzle. A small cafe on Sinclair Drive in Glasgow, it envelopes you with its friendliness.  As you walk in, you have to acknowledge the selection of home baking and the artisan bread at eye level. You see the daily specials notice, sitting above the selection of Scottish cheese and chutney.  The menu promises home made soup and farmhouse style sandwiches.