‘Books are just a joy to paint’: Jodi Wiley’s book art

There are many ways to express a deep love for books.  You can (obviously) read them, but you can also buy them, hold them, smell them, list them, stalk them in a bookshop, covet them online and photograph them for others to admire. If you’re lucky enough to come across Melbourne artist Jodi Wiley, you can also hang beautiful watercolour paintings of them on your wall.

I discovered Jodi’s paintings thanks to a remarkable bookshop in Port Fairy (a small town on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria) called Blarney Books + Art.  It’s the kind of bookshop that has comfy couches, new and second hand books and even a piano. Already the perfect bookshop, right? It also celebrates ‘biblio-art’ and when I was there last, it was exhibiting Jodi Wiley’s Marginalia series.

I recently chatted with Jodi about the inspiration for her book stacks and why the books she’s painted are special to her.