It’s a slow re-birthing process, but the renaissance of tea is upon us.  Tea is slowly making its way beyond the Tetley tea bag to – the pinnacle of tea consumption – loose leaf tea served in a pot. It can be a perilous exercise, navigating through coffee baristas’ lacklustre commitment to tea, but the perfect cup can be found.


  1. I also love leaf tea. I’m from Taiwan, I love Taiwan tea. Have you ever tasted?

  2. My mother is Sri Lankan, so we had tea in the house instead of coffee. My mother preferred Tetley to other types of bagged teas you could get in the ’80s in the states, but loose tea is far better. I have a wide assortment of loose teas in my house. My husband prefers coffee, though! Ugh.

    • Wow, that must have been tough coming from Sri Lanka and only having Tetleys at hand. I love talking to Sri Lankans about tea! I went on a tea tour when I was there, and it was one of my highlights. I can’t do coffee either. Sometimes I’m wistful about it as artisan coffee is such a big thing in Melbourne. Bit like being a non-smoker in the 90s.

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