Taking tea in autumn, 1906-style

You know those moments where you’re starving and need some lunch, but you want to take advantage of the lovely sun, and you have two small boys with boundless energy who need to be occupied. And then, you find a cafe that miraculously caters for all these needs.  So it was with Est 1906, in Seddon, Melbourne.

We had an almost spiritual moment on entering Est. 1906 when we realised that the courtyard outside had a small plastic cubby house in the corner. It’s not like these facilities can compete with Inflatable World, but it signals loudly and clearly, ‘children are welcome here…  even your children’.1797328_1567883776803250_1363640166510096168_n-1.jpg

So, me and Mr Person That I Will Spend the Rest of My Life With were able to sit in the beautiful autumnal sun and have an actual conversation about actual grown up things, IMG_0654while Masters Four and Six messed about some toys and the beanbag-like cushions that eventually, and inevitably, become air-borne. Staff and fellow diners alike seemed okay with this state of affairs.

Most importantly, I was parched for a cup of tea and I wasn’t about to countenance a crap offering.  I was served a lovely pot of English Breakfast by local tea house Tea Drop (which describes this tea as ‘a morning ritual for old souls’ – a perfect summation).  The tea pot was a bit wee, but it was a lovely shiny silver, looked great and the tea was served at a perfect temperature.  One shouldn’t fuss when one has autumn sun, tea and a moment to ponder.

My breakfast was a work of art

As for the food, it was very good. I had a black sticky rice breakfast concoction that looked amazing and tasted every bit as good.  Mr Person had chilli-folded eggs on a bagel, Master Six had a mini wagyu burger on brioche and Master Four devoured vegemite sourdough toast.

So if you find yourself in the west of Melbourne in need of some nourishment, step inside Est.1906.  It’s restorative and relaxing, just as autumn should be.


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  1. Leonie Campbell

    Wow what a find! How lovely if you, Annmarie and I could arrange breakfast there one morning. I will have that rice thing! You can have the tea ? L

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