Tregothnan Tea

Tregothnan has the fine distinction of being England’s first and only tea estate: ‘putting the English into English tea’. When you think about it, it is odd that there is only one tea estate in the UK given the coupling of tea and the British Isles. Maybe it’s something to do with empire – you wouldn’t really bother doing it at home when colonialism served it on a platter (literally) – or more probably it’s to do with the weather. Either way, this Cornish tea is a triumph.

I have a big box of Tregothnan classic tea in my cupboard.  It has a well rounded, mild flavour and vitally for me, no tannin after taste.  You can steep the tea bag for the recommended time and not feel the need to check your teeth are still there after your first sip.

I ration myself to one one cup of Tregothnan a day, usually when the house is quiet and I can mindfully savour it.  That way, each cup is the luxury it is intended to be.  And my word, at £27 ($US42) for 100 tea bags it is a luxury. I do have my eye on the ‘subscription’ for ‘a year of tea’, guaranteeing a delivery of tea every month for a year (£360/$US556). What a superb idea!  One to put on my list for Santa I think.

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